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Public Law. Code , Pt. For Government Publications, the citation generally begins with the issuing agency rather than the author.

Prosecution Function

One exception is if the work is part of a larger piece. Geographic or Political Designation.

Issuing Agency. Title: Subtitle Medium. By Personal Author. Work by the Issuing Agency. Department of the Interior.

2015 Cumulative Electronic Update changes appear in red.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration. On the Moon with Apollo 16, guidebook to Descartes region [with bibliographies]. By Gene Simmons. Washington, Apr. Project Fog Drops 5, Task 1, Numerical model of advection fog, Task 2, Recommendation for simplified individual zero-gravity cloud physics experiments Paper.

Example Legal References and Citations in APA

William Rogers et. Washington D.


NASA contractor report series No. He was a research assistant for the legal publication "Feminist Jurisprudence: Volume IV" and has been published in the Education and Employment Tips section of a prominent website. Download our chrome extension or use our citation tool to automatically generate your bibliography for any website. Need to cite a webpage? Download our chrome extension.

Baby Blue's Manual of Legal Citation

How to Cite. The Rewrite. How to Cite a Documentary in Chicago Style.

Wilson, U. When citing to a website, you do not need the URL if:.

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Sentencing Reform , Am. Collateral Consequences Resource Ctr. Times , Feb.

Prosecution Function. Law Review Citations v. General Bluebook Hints The Bluebook has different formats for law review footnotes vs.

I. C.F.R. Versus e-CFR and its Progeny?

The Blue colored pages in the front on the Bluebook are for Brief format, while the White pages that follow them are for law review footnote format.