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Her research contributes to the fields of ubiquitous computing and personal health informatics through the development and assessment of novel approaches for mobile health tools to support chronic disease management. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, Maia received a B. I examined how new computing approaches for mobile health tools may better consider the diverse and changing support needs of individuals following a cancer diagnosis.

This work culminated in the design and evaluation of two novel mobile health systems: MyJourney Compass and MyPath. Her research provides insight into the usability of recommender systems within a health context and finds promise in recommendations that stimulate coping behaviors. The thesis was well-written, the research questions well designed, and Dr. Jennifer King, Ph. An information scientist and scholar in information privacy. Her research has been recognized for its impact on policymaking by the Future of Privacy Forum, and she has been an invited speaker before the Federal Trade Commission at several Commission workshops.

I conducted two mixed-methods studies to examine the applicability of SET to information privacy. My results demonstrate the utility of the relational analytic approach for identifying the social structural factors that affect personal disclosure. King uses Social Exchange Theory SET to explore reasons why individuals decide to disclose personal information to companies. The object of exchange implied by this approach draws on rather strong background assumptions like an objective givenness or unity of information as an object of study.

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Granted that individuals entertain relationships to companies it may indeed be worthwhile to analyze the impact of such relationships on the disclosure of private information in return for gratifications expected. The assumption about the applicability of SET to privacy issues is tested by empirical methods, i. The author provides clear descriptions of the methods and reasons for using each approach and also delivers a satisfying discussion of the theory. Galen Panger, Ph. Findings from large samples of Facebook and Twitter users challenge common notions about social media and suggest nuanced resolutions for conflicts between important lines of academic research.

Contrary to stereotype, Panger found that people tend to wind down while browsing Facebook and Twitter. This combined with the other aspects of his study call for a more nuanced appreciation of the role of social media in our emotional lives. The skill with which Panger crafted the research question and research design set it apart from others in the competition. Paul H. Cleverley, Ph. He graduated with a Ph. No prior study has investigated enterprise search from a transdisciplinary viewpoint.

A critical realist mixed-methods longitudinal case study was undertaken in a large corporation, including experiments, user interface focus groups, surveys and content analysis of search feedback logs. Results show that human factors, rather than technology, accounted for the majority of dissatisfaction.

Models were developed that challenge existing academic and practitioner orthodoxy. This may influence technology design, information architecture and enable a reconfiguration of beliefs and behaviours towards enterprise search. The combination of the different empirical methods with the theoretical perspectives of the cultural and historical activity and complexity theories resulted in a sophisticated model, which achieved the runner-up position in the competition.

Rachel Ivy Clarke, Ph. This overlooks the idea of librarianship as a design-based field, leaving it to flounder alongside other successful information tools and technologies.

ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award

It distills design principles and applies them to the critical analysis of three cases representing significant artifacts in library history. Examining the field of librarianship from the perspective of design epistemology reveals new insights and interpretations of library work. The reviewers agreed that the topic of this dissertation is novel and original and the findings provide significant implications for future library and information science education and library practice. This dissertation research has the potential to have a profound impact in the iSchools community.

Turtle; Elizabeth D.

She graduated with a Ph. Her research focuses on using natural language processing NLP techniques to detect expressions of emotion in text. Her broader research interests include sentiment analysis, computational linguistics and affective computing.

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She aspires to become a scholar who can help people better interact with computers through the creation of more emotion-sensitive systems. If more fine-grained emotion categories can be identified, we can build automatic emotion detectors that better represent the range of emotions expressed on microblogs. We develop a set of 28 emotion categories inductively from Twitter data. We show that it is feasible to extend machine classification on tweets to use these emotion categories. This thesis makes important contributions to the development of a taxonomy of emotion in text, and the creation of language resources and machine learning models for fine-grained emotion detection in text.

The dissertation also extracted linguistic cues that can serve as indicators, and then evaluated the performance of machine learning classification using several classifier and feature combinations. The results show that extend machine learning classification on tweets is feasible and makes a significant contribution toward machine learning models for fine-grained emotion detection in text. Ashwin J. Mathew, Ph. Coye Cheshire; Prof. John Chuang. Mathew is a Visiting Scholar at the UC Berkeley School of Information, and Internet Infrastructure Researcher at Packet Clearing House, an international organization responsible for providing operational support and security to critical Internet infrastructure.

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Before that, he spent a decade working as a software engineer and technical architect in companies such as Adobe Systems and Sun Microsystems. The author looked at how the decision-making processes in the contemporary networked environment influence and depend on political circumstances, and gathered his data through skilled observation and direct involvement.

In the final the reviewers all agreed that this was an outstanding work that richly deserved the prize.

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Briony Birdi,Ph. Information School, University of Sheffield We are here because you were there: an investigation of the reading of, and engagement with, minority ethnic fiction in UK public libraries. Her research focuses on reading research and the promotion of literature and reading, and public and youth libraries, with an emphasis on social justice and diversity.

Since Birdi has been working at the University on a part-time 0. From the literature and empirical findings a model of genre fiction reading was developed; this identifies a new reader profile, and gives a causal ordering to the characteristics of the fiction reader. The reviewers also agreed that this dissertation was a serious competitor for the prize and clearly deserved to be the runner up. Xinru Page, Ph. Her current research focuses on privacy, technology adoption, interpersonal communication, social media and human computer interaction. She holds a B.

January 16, CET Time. Finalists will be notified in April If you have questions on submitting your entry, please contact:. EMAC is an association managed by. Douglas Award The Susan P. In other words, publication is not necessary, but also does not represent a disadvantage to any entrant. No individual can apply for the award more than once or submit more than one topic for consideration. Selection Submissions will be judged based on a defined set of criteria: Is it interesting?

What is the contribution over and above existing literature? What is the significance of the managerial contribution? How valid are the research conclusions? The summary should NOT be an overview of your entire dissertation but only on the main research project. In addition, please provide enough details so that external examiners can determine the technical merit and potential impact of your work.