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Once his new neighbors discerned that there were no more black families following his, they seemed to relax. Today he is the artistic director of N. Jacquelyn, who had been a homemaker for years, was forced to return to teaching high-school English, at St. That kind of self-sabotaging bohemian purity seemed to make a defining impression on their son — a perfect example of how not to be an artist. He explained to me that Lee was always aware of his own value, and that as a result, he made significantly more money from his films than a typical independent director.

Lee also brought in lucrative advertising deals through his company Spike DDB. To this day, Nike continues to make a highly coveted riff on the sneaker called the Spizike. Selling out, in other words, to avoid selling out. Yet despite having cracked the code of how to be a well-compensated artist — one whose beak, in real terms, is practically soaking — Lee is resistant to being thought of as wealthy.

Whenever the conversation turns to money, he tends to compare himself not with everyday Americans — let alone black people — or even with other artists, but with billionaire moguls. Steve Jobs. Bruce Springsteen. Will Smith. Tyler Perry. It was Lee who discovered and first cast Halle Berry. All of which is why it may be incongruous, yet on some level not outlandish, to think of Spike Lee as still not having gotten his full due. In 31 years, Lee has achieved a rate of productivity that is rivaled in America only by Woody Allen.

His body of work is prodigious: 22 feature movies, of which at least three are absolutely first-rate; a half-dozen more are flawed classics, and all of them are at least sporadically brilliant, artistically daring and always intellectually ambitious. There are also many documentaries, which cover a wide range of black American topics, including two on Michael Jackson and one on Kobe Bryant. It, too, was a commercial failure. Stevie Wonder is not a pop musician; Stevie Wonder is a genre. Michael Jackson is a genre to himself. Spike Lee has moved into that territory.

Spike Lee is not short on talent. What Spike Lee is short on is friends in the industry, and the kind of space to fail.

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He has no room to fail. These observations about the specific plight of the black genius — that lack of margin for error — called to mind something the comedian Chris Rock has said: True equality would look less like a black president than like a black Sarah Palin. In a Annenberg survey of Hollywood directors, 87 percent of respondents were white.

As Lee sees it, the solution to the problem will not come from the artists themselves.

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Making a Hollywood with more diverse gatekeepers is an issue of such importance to him that he says it would be worth giving back his Oscar — a point he made to me emphatically and repeatedly. He sees it as an issue of practical importance, and in the service of this point, he brought up the excruciating Pepsi ad from this spring. In it, Kendall Jenner wanders off a fashion shoot into something like a Black Lives Matter protest and hands a can of soda to a cop, bringing joy to all, police officers and demonstrators alike.

My man — that [expletive] is [expletive] up! As soon as Lee and I entered the main house, a meticulous study in contemporary New England chic, a yappy, rabbit-size dog named Ginger rushed me and bit my leg with a ferocity mitigated only by a mercifully weak jaw. On the walls were several framed prints by the black painter Romare Bearden. There were numerous other paintings and pictures of icons of black culture, like Joe Louis and Lee himself, as well as those thank-you notes from Jordan.

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Lee seemed genuinely indifferent to all of it. The weather was gorgeous, and we continued back outside and toward the fence that separated his property from the golf course, walking with no particular goal in mind. Everyone recognizes him. Thank you! Lee pushed ahead in his customary, slightly pigeon-toed gait, torso tipped forward, necklaces swinging from his neck. The scene late in the film when an N. While the film seems to imply that it is Malcolm who personifies genuine integrity, Lee has also observed that Radio Raheem could have behaved differently and avoided his violent fate.

And in addition to Samuel L. It caused a sensation at Cannes, but back home, critics including Stanley Crouch and Joe Klein worried that it would start riots. As we walked on, Lee seemed to grow weary of talking. She glanced questioningly at her husband and then extended her hand. Tonya is an attorney and an entertainment-industry force in her own right.

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Lee stood off to the side staring into the distance, a slightly amused expression playing on his face, and did not contradict her. Lee announced himself, practically fully formed, as someone who intended to do for Brooklyn not only what Woody Allen did for Manhattan but also what James Joyce did for Dublin, what Borges did for Buenos Aires. It manages all this while staying fully situated within a natural black American vernacular spanning distinctions of class and color — a deeply impressive feat.

Played by Tracy Camilla Johns, she is pursued by men and women alike, unashamedly enjoys sex and has it regularly with a persistent square named Jaime Overstreet, a ludicrous B-boy named Mars Blackmon — played by Lee — and an equally preposterous, self-obsessed male model called Greer Childs. All of the men are in possession of more resonant personalities than Nola, who is something of a cipher. More shocking, the scene functions as a moment of epiphany through which her character is able to develop into a better, more stable person.

By the end of the story, she has decided to commit herself to the very man who violated her. That is either an overdue development or an earnest act of penance or both.

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Jackson, another longtime collaborator of his, told me skeptically. For these and other reasons, the series can seem a lot less interested in eros than ideology, functioning as a platform to disseminate right-thinking messages about black culture and beauty standards, misogyny, homophobia, mental illness and policing. And ever since then, I have thought of that scene more than any other, and of its meaning for the project as an artistic endeavor. In the movie, as in the play that inspired it, women impose a sex strike to pressure their men into a cease-fire.

Critics liked it. Finally, he began to sketch in his notebook a series of circles representing homicide rates in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles for , the first one dwarfing the others.

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I began to suspect it might seem that way to him as well. But on the other manus. I was upset at the decease of wireless Rahiem.

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No 1 deserves to decease like that. But if he had avoided intensifying a wholly unneeded confrontation by assailing Sal. He was responsible for his ain decease. Radio Raheem was pissed off. Sure he physically assaulted him. Technically Sal brought the devastation of the pizza shop on himself excessively. Radio Rahiem was NOT within his rights when he entered the shop and refused to turn his wireless down. Of class Sal and Radio Rahiem are both racialists.