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She tells him a flat out lie about its whereabouts. The handkerchief is used as the one and only piece of major evidence to prove the infidelity of Desdemona.

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Desdemona constantly shows mixed signals, even though she shows signs of naivety but how are we to reconcile this naivety with the boldness that she displays in the senate scene. The women of the 17th century were most likely to surpass the norms of sexual morality set for Venetian woman of that time. Only a lucky successful few were able to have the true knowledge about sexuality. The wives had to obey their husband no matter what. Desdemona is portrayed as a spirited and independent woman, marriage to a solder made her change herself.

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Gradually she loses her self-confidence. Both woman are portrayed as victims of venetian marriages. Since Desdemona was brave enough to defy her father and marry the man she wanted, that act of independence took away the gender barriers of the Venetian society and it threatened the male authority. Both Desdemonas are believable.

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  • They are one and the same, and her character appears reasonable consistent throughout. Desdemona has a halo effect throughout the play, she is the kind hearted and willing to help others in need. Once again her deception was done with only good hearted intentions. Desdemona is at fault in her wifely conduct and innocently supplies the evidence that leads to her own death through assertion of her own independence. The ways she tried to convince Othello to give cassio back his position was not the smartest way.

    Constantly talking about another man to your husband would always bring questionably doubt to anyone even a devout good person like Desdemona. Not all acts of deception are done with intentions of protecting one you love. Iago deceives many people in the play and can be compared to the devil. Nothing in life happens by chance everything has actions that have consequences.

    Her honesty would never have been questions if she was completely honest, more open with her husband and lest careless about the things she said and did.

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    Regardless of the truth of any of those deceptions her deceit of her father is what causes her downfall, because no good can come from disobeying your parents. Think of it this way how do you know anybody is innocent? I wonder why the woman who stood against her father before the venetian senate goes so submissively to her death. It is difficult to avoid her conclusion in the end. Desdemona argues her case until she realizes that hope is lost when Othello tells her cassio is dead. She was aware of her upcoming fate.

    Desdemona knows of her impending death, but she is too good and too devout to do anything about it. Love can make people do some crazy things, and love can make you blind to the truth around you. Desdemona loved Othello so much she was willing to go through the pain he was putting her through.

    She cannot help being made into a sign, and she cannot determine her signification. To what extent can we control ourselves, and love. Desdemona is the martyr of the play the tragic female heroine who ends up being sacrificed to satisfy to fates. Woman in time depend for their class status from their affiliation with man, and Desdemona throws away that status and the protection is affords when she marries outside the categories her cultures allow.

    Since she desire something different, she was punished not only in the lost of status but even her life.

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    Hadfield, A. New York: Routledge, Potter, Nicholas. Othello Character Studies. Does Desdemona have choices?

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    • Why does she seem to accept her fate so willingly? Nora abandons her family for what some readers would call selfish motivations, and Othello commits murder after becoming jealous of Desdemona. However, based on the way the two plays were written, readers are meant to sympathize with both Nora and Othello, at least on some level.

      Write an essay in which you either defend or condemn the actions of these two characters. Have the authors made these characters likable enough to excuse their actions? Compare Greek and Shakespearian tragedy using Medea and Othello. Is human love, in both its physical and spiritual dimensions, a theological problem in the play as a whole?

      How does the setting in Cyprus reflect on the theme of duty and will? Compare character traits and motivations of the tragic heroes Willy Loman and Othello. Both Hamlet and Othello do terrible things, so why do we not think that they are evil characters?

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      How does Othello see himself? Do you agree? What kind of intelligence does he have? Is he lacking any mental acuity or capacity? Why is he able to deceive Othello so completely?


      Othello Analysis Essay examples

      What do you think the feminine plot adds to the play? How does marriage work as a theme in this play? To what extent do perceptions of Othello as an outsider contribute to his downfall? Discuss Iago as a puppet master in Othello. How does the tragedy of Othello represent seeking revenge?

      As defined by Aristotle, is it correct to label Othello a tragic hero and to classify the play as an Aristotelian tragedy? What kind of relationship does Othello have with Cassio? In what ways does it meet or not meet the definition? Use the correct literary terms and analyze each one in relation to the play.

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      To what extent do women show their empowerment throughout the text? Does he truly love her? Describe why Iago is a consummate manipulator of identity and self-fashioning. Describe how Medea and Othello were treated as outsiders and foreigners and why it led to their demise through jealousy.

      Othello commits a brutal murder in Act V.