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What is a watermark and why do people add this to their files?

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Most commonly used in photos, a watermark is a faint text, logo, photo or design which is stamped on the image or the document. Its opacity is almost close to transparent and does not completely obstruct in the overall look of texts or photos. Sometimes it is a logo, stamp, signature or even a photo placed at the background of the file. In photography, using a watermarked image without permission means stealing a copyrighted image.

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To other media, a digital watermark is used and embedded to identify ownership and rights. These markings are also used in documents, postage stamps, currency, and even government files to avoid counterfeiting and fabrication. Basically, the function of a watermark is to protect the original document or image, making it harder to copy or at least sending readers information. What is the importance of a watermark?

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We find that watermarks are important, not only to artists and government agencies but to everyone. Documents are confidential. There is nothing more visible than a huge stamp on your document that constantly reminds readers of its secrecy while reading the texts.

How to Create Easy Warped Paper Shadows in Photoshop #1

The document is still a draft. To make a document available for reading while it is still at its draft version might confuse its readers and cause a misunderstanding. Copyright or trademark. The word itself says it all and it implies protecting the document or photo from copy cats. With a watermark, readers and viewers are able to see clearly that they should be able to obtain your permission first before copying, reposting or getting your work. In Microsoft applications, you can simply create watermarks by adding a text or image at the background and change the opacity, color, and font. By doing so, the markings become faint and can now be added or merged with another photo through photo editors such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva, InDesign and many more.

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It is easy to add these faint markings on simple documents but how do we watermark PDF files? The upside of using PDF format is its security on information and compatibility on computers. The problem sometimes is the application used to edit! Most editing tools are either limited, subscription-based or unreliable. Even the other PDF tools can be used as many times as needed by any user without the need to download or install the software. Step two: Upload your PDF file.

Step three: Select the preferred type of watermark that you want to add. Step four: Edit the watermark by encoding the text, repositioning it, editing the colors, font, size, and opacity. By logging in with Google you agree to the terms and privacy policy.

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    Forgot password? Contact Form Email us at support deftpdf. Email Address Optional. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. A watermark is actually a thin part of the sheet and is visible because of greater transmission of light in its area compared with other areas of the…. Paper , matted or felted sheet, usually made of cellulose fibres, formed on a wire screen from water suspension.

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    A brief treatment of paper follows. For full treatment, see papermaking. Paper has been traced to China in about ad It reached…. Copyright , the exclusive, legally secured right to reproduce, distribute, and perform a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work. Now commonly subsumed under the broader category of legal regulations known as intellectual-property law, copyright is designed primarily to protect an artist, a publisher, or another owner against specific unauthorized uses of his….