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I would like to try simple robotics since I don't have background about it and I know simple programming. Does servo can be counted as one???

The Use of Computer Controlled Line Follower Robots in Public Transport - ScienceDirect

Thank you in advance :. Re: thesis ideas robotics 1.

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Re: thesis ideas robotics Physical state observation is a pretty good topic for an undergrad thesis. Especially if you throw in a nice kalman filter. Re: thesis ideas robotics mtwieg I'm not familiar with that one but I will take note of that :.

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Re: thesis ideas robotics. Originally Posted by naomiAA.

How To Make A DIY Obstacle Avoidance Line Follower Robot At Home

Re: thesis ideas robotics I'm planning to make a solar tracker as my project! Similar Threads Ideas required for projects in robotics 5. Ideas for thesis on RFID 0. Ideas for an M. Ideas for projects in robotics Part and Inventory Search. Welcome to EDABoard.


Design Resources. New Posts. Induction Cooktop Circuit Design 1. Resistor Layout - Guard Ring 3.

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Why all the applied Voltage appears across the Depletion Region? Simulating the input capacitance of digital instance 2. Passing both DC and pulses through a toroid? Most of the robots that currently take part in competitions are based on simple principle of operation: line of reflecive sensors in front of the robot and PID control.

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  7. Those robots are small and fast, but their performance is far from optimal. I believe that by using vision data and sophisticated predictive algorithms one can achieve much better results. This project is a part of my master's thesis titled 'Model predictive control of a mobile robot using vision in path following task' , which was finished in Feburary Abstract from master's thesis.


    The goal of this thesis is to design, implement and test control system for a path following mobile robot. Predictive control algorithms that utilise vision data are used. Path following is one of the generic motion control problems in mobile robotics. Predictive control algorithms utilise a model of the plant to predict object behaviour and calculate control variables, which result in better control quality compared to classic control algorithms, e.