Brutus and julius caesar essay

He is a close friend of Caesar, who never doubted his loyalty to him. The image of Brutus is quite complicated due to the certain psychological features of his character given by Shakespeare in the tragedy. However, his individuality contains a critical controversy.

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In the very beginning of the tragedy, Brutus is shown as a reliable and noble person with an individual philosophical worldview. With the unique perspective, he attempts to acknowledge the particular patterns and possible vectors of development of his society. Only when he reaches a certain point and forms the strong view, Brutus can let himself have a specific attitude to events and people around him.

The plot contains the conflict that develops over the Brutus personality. The core of the problem is the decision which Brutus makes when it comes to choosing friendship or welfare of the country. Brutus has no negative thoughts of Caesar, but he prefers not to allow his dictatorship to turn into a hereditary monarchy and, thus, give way to the further power abuse. In overall, Brutus loyalty bears a unique character due to his political and philosophical perspective, which is challenging to state about other characters connected with Caesar. Mark Antony has a sense of loyalty to Caesar, but in contrast to Brutus, it reveals differently.

The character of Antony develops during the whole play. Shakespeare gives him two central features.

The Difference Between Brutus and Cassius in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

The first depicts his readiness to fulfill every order of the ruler, what can be connected with Brutus loyalty to Caesar. Despite the fact that both are conspirators, Antony has another role in the tragedy, which is limited by his own perspective. Shakespeare describes him as a frivolous person with the interests defined by relaxing and celebrations. Secondly, Antony demonstrates his carelessness about the state and the way Caesar consolidates his power over the people, which can be explained by his reliance on him and, perhaps, the absence of a desire to even think about the possible adverse outcome.

The situation fundamentally changes after the assassination of Caesar. The critical fact of it is that it is Brutus idea which he shares with Antony. Now, being aware of the critical political situation in the country, Antony develops his perspective and forms a number of the firm principles. A clear example is a scene when he applies to the people together with Brutus. Their speeches implicitly reveal two contradictory political tendencies in regards to the events of that time.

The character of Cassius is probably the most complex psychological image among the others. A reader encounters an eventual, without any spontaneous features, the evolution of Cassius, in contrast to the previous characters.

Brutus’ Love for Rome in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Essay -- Julius Cae

Shakespeare describes him a person inspired by the idea of fighting the tyranny, which he considers an adverse phenomenon of that era. These thoughts match the intentions of Brutus, although one thing makes the similarity between the characters impossible. The problem is that Caesar has no sympathy for Cassius in contrast to Brutus. Furthermore, the image of Cassius has a critical downside, which makes him more vulnerable in regards to the others.

Julius Caesar: Who is the Better Tragic Hero, Caesar or Brutus?

Being a person with the firm social and political position, he falls under the influence of the personal feelings that rise over the other, more important. Brutus, however, is more reasonable and fit for a higher authority.

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Brutus has a hefty amount of love and respect for Rome. He even says he is willing to die for his home country I. A man this gallant towards his country has a virtuous…. His father was also called Gaius Julius Caesar and in about BC he would have completed a term as quaestor, the lowest rank in the hierarchy of Roman officials.

Julius Caesar Essay: The Character of Brutus

This relationship provided Caesar with opportunities that were not normally available. The Tragic Downfall of Brutus Certain characteristics of a person can make a drastic change in their life. People are flawed and if they don't make an effort to change, it may lead to their tragic, unavoidable death. In the tragedy Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, it's visible that Brutus makes rash decisions that end up making him kill himself.

In typical Shakespearean plays the tragic hero along with his flaws usually lead to the downfall of the play. Because I am a citizen I know that the other people of Rome love Caesar and want him as their ruler.

So let me, as your friend, try to persuade you to not help in the malicious plot to murder Caesar. The conspiracy was not created because Cassius fears for Rome and what Caesar will make of it…. Login Join. Open Document. However If you read the story you would find out that Ceasar actually gets killed by the third act. Brutus from the very beginning is all about honor.

When he joins the conspirators he is willing to kill his best friend because he believes that the chances of Julius being a poor ruler of Rome are too great. Brutus is interested in the best thing he can do for all of Rome and not for himself. That is a very valiant and honorable quality to have. That makes Brutus a good candidate to be the hero of this play. He has no bad feelings about Caesar in terms that he was a bad friend or person, but Brutus just decided that the risks were too high to keep Ceasar alive.

After Ceasar is dead and Brutus is trying to convince the people of Rome it was the right thing to do he speaks like there is nothing wrong with his choice because he is so convinced it was a great choice. Brutus has tragic flaws but that almost makes him more of… Show More. Julius Caesar Essay days ago.

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare: Brutus in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar [English Literature]

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