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While any such generalization must be regarded as tentative, the Moscow archives are also making it undeniably clear that the Soviet bloc was less monolithic than the defenders of Cold War orthodoxy claimed.

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At the same time, nothing has emerged from these archives to exculpate US misconduct in Iran, Guatemala, Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, and elsewhere, or to settle broader debates over responsibility for the division of Germany or Europe, the duration of the cold war, the length, intensity, and dangers of the nuclear arms race, the causes of the Soviet collapse, and many other issues. In the meantime, the punditocracy should refrain from seizing upon a few sensational revelations from the Communist archives to advance a triumphalist historiography.

Bernstein, Kai Bird, H. Gardner, James Hershberg, Michael J.


Hogan, Warren F. But they neglect to explain what I got wrong.


Do the signatories dispute this point or my observation that the archival record contradicts Schrecker? What, then, are the signatories exercised about?

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Something very different, it would appear. But where have I tried to do that?

Maddux on Zubok and Pleshakov, 'Inside the Kremlin's Cold War: From Stalin to Khrushchev'

Certainly not in my New York Review essay, which does not touch, even glancingly, on that topic. Nor was there any reason it should have done so. The book does not deal with the questions the letter raises, and neither does my review. Fittingly, the teachers were looking at the historiography of the end of the Cold War and specifically the debate over exactly when the Cold War ended. Teachers were asked to look at an article by Federico Romero, a video of a discussion by the Council on Foreign Relations and also the Socialism Realised website and then review the question of when the Cold War ended.

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  7. In the manner of good historians, they tended to move off the brief and consider why the Cold War ended as well as when. In this respect the role of Gorbachev featured prominently:.

    The discussions were very satisfying in the sense that the teachers clearly felt that the reading they were doing was relevant to their current teaching and was helping them in challenging their students to aim higher:. Most of the teachers also now have a broad area of focus for their planned resources, which will of course be shared via the HA website.