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A theoretical approach towards bodies is possible on different levels. The prison and other institutions can be understood as institutions where bodies were transformed into functional machines which could be integrated in the raising industrial factory systems in the 19 th century. Societies were becoming disciplinary societies and the idea of the panopticum — the perfect surveillance — became the dominant pattern of governmentality.

This was interconnected with the industrial mode of production. Furthermore bodies are used to produce knowledge that is part of the discourses and they embody this knowledge at the same time. Within the discourses in the late 19 th century the production of the deviant other was not limited to women. How we use our bodies and how we understand what it means to be embodied is a function of power relations that operate to distinguish a hierarchy of bodies in terms of function and appearance. Bodies are changing within changing structures of power and mode of production.

The process of deindustrialization was leading to a loos of jobs in production and where we can still find industrial production the logic of just-in-time ordering changed the organisation of the work process.

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This principle is connected with difference, individualisation and niche markets which are promoted by post-fordism. They can be understood as a strategy to create desires in consumer societies which are already saturated.

Post-Fordist Librarians: Globalization of Information, Corporate Ideologies, and Ethical Conundrums

The main part of work today is emotional labour in the service industry and highly specialised work in management and science. People in the post-fordist system should be flexible, individual and self-responsible. Gilbert The post-fordism goes hand in hand with a great change in the economic and social practices which is summed up under the term neoliberalism. One of the significant features of neoliberalism is the erosion of permanent institutions by replacing them with the logic of individualisation and short-term.

The basic logic of neoliberalism is that the freedom of markets is the highest value and leads to individual freedom and economic growth. The changes within the economic system and the regimes of power can be summed up: Discipline is the essential concept of fordism, self-control is the essential concept of post-fordism. My questions are: How are the mechanisms of neoliberalism incorporated? Which kind of bodies are produced by a society of control?

Within neoliberalism bodies are still commodities on the labour market, but the requirements are different from the requirements in fordism. The bodies therefore need to fit with standards of attractiveness defined by the hegemonic discourses — young, slim, fit. Moreover they have to be individual and unique — this is part of the creation of unique lifestyle commodities which form an essential part of the markets in saturated consumer societies. The claim for individualisation and diversity within postmodern societies can be unmasked as a sales strategy.

Fordism and Post-Fordism as Theories of Work Organisation Essay

The social alienation of the industrial mode of production changes to an alienation from the own body which is reduced to be part of the presentation of products. This is one side of the coin. The other is that individuality, fitness and attractiveness are a general request for postmodern bodies. All these features can be consumed and constantly newly developed technologies like plastic surgery in the female genital area are creating new requirements and standards.

A Comparsion between Neo-Fordism and Post-Fordism

Such technologies are a new quality of control and the power is truly in the bodies, it is incorporated. But new technologies are not only giving us the possibility and at the same time the request to create an attractive and individual body, there are also technologies that can be used to enhance our performance. So your mood and your performance are in your own responsibility — you can control them with taking the right pill. This also helps with managing the emotional labour within the service industries and the extreme level on concentration that is needed for the work of specialists and experts.

Neoliberalism and its post-fordist mode of production are forming subjects that are self-responsible for managing efficient and attractive bodies. The control does not have to come from the outside trough surveillance — it is full-bodied. Another aspect of the technologies I was mentioning is that they are connected with biomedical knowledge. Essay on fordism, post-fordism and the flexible system of, cramAs the fordism system fell into crisis in the s, many people argued there was a transition from fordism to post- fordism.

Decline in fordist and taylorist production systemsLets be clear about something: it is infuriating that most interesting artists are perfectly capable of functioning in at least two or three professions that are, unlike. Personality and intelligence essay. Fordism sociology - words, bartlebyNew post-fordist future, based upon exploration of the post-war evolu- tion of japan. Fordism and post fordism - writeworkIn a context of wage repression, indebted labor, and a pervasive gap between what labor earns and what it needs to spend, in this essay i ask. A comparsion between neo-fordism and post-fordism, kibinPost-fordism, neoliberal restructuring, and financialization. Secondary data analysis.

Fordism Essay

Post-fordism - definition and synonyms of post-fordism in the english dictionaryEssay on fordism, post-fordism and the flexible system of production. Essay on reading stategy. Differences of fordism and post-fordism essay - wordsDifferences between fordist and post-fordist work research paper example art and post-fordism in: art and valueAre you working too much?

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  • This essay will describe the main characteristics and history of fordism, then, it will introduce taylorism, after explaining the reason for decline in fordism and describe the nature of post-fordism, finally, this essay will evaluate that taylorism and fordism have been replaced by. The model of post-fordism, as proposed by marxism today, can be briefly. Fordism, which is associated with mass production and mass consumption cooke fordism and post fordism.

    This has been encouraged by the global shift from fordism which was the ideology during the height of capitalism to post-fordism which has influenced most organizations especially after half of the 20th century.

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    Fordism and post-fordism essay this fordism and post-fordism essay example is published for educational and informational purposes only. Post-fordist workers are sympathetic to neospirituality partly because they. Best essays of 2 : post-post-fordism in the era of platforms, p2p foundationPost-fordist theories is an umbrella category under which flexible specialisation and other urbanisation and territoral development: an explanatory essay. Post industrialism and post fordism, vir sheteSchool has succeeded in casting fordism and post-fordism. Fordism and post fordism - writeworkFordism is the basis of modern economic and social systems in industrialized, standardized the term gained prominence when it was used by antonio gramsci in in his essay americanism and fordism in his prison notebooks.

    Goal essay introduction. A comparsion between neo-fordism and post-fordism, kibinView fordism and post-fordism research papers on for free.